Compare Branches with Beyond Compare

After I do a big merge I always like to compare my source and target branches to review the differences. My tool of choice for this is Beyond Compare as its folder compare is extremely quick and it lets me easily exclude file types and folders that of no consequence and generate noise.

This is a good starting point for the filters. It excludes your compiled code, test results, files with user settings which don't usually get checked in. 
Filter Expression: -*.dll;-*.suo;-*.pdb;-*.user;-UpgradeLog.htm;-*.lnk;-*.vspscc;-*.vssscc;-bin\;-obj\;-.vs\;-TestResults\;-.git\

This is what it looks like in Beyond compare which is a bit easier to digest

You can also save this filter by clicking "Add To Presets" and it will be added to your file filter dropdown ready to go for next time!

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