Execute all SQL Scripts in a Folder

How to quickly execute a collection of SQL Scripts against a SQL Server Database.

The simplest solution I have found is to use a quick batch script and leverage the osql command. The osql utility is a Microsoft® Win32® command prompt utility for ad hoc, interactive execution of Transact-SQL statements and scripts.

To use the script you will need to:
1. download it from here, This script will execute every .sql in the folder it is executed in.
2. open it up in a text editor of your choice and substitute your connection information for the dummy "[Your XX]" placeholders.
3. Close the file and double click on it to execute.


FOR %%x IN (*.sql) DO OSQL -U [Your UserName] -P [Your Password] -S [My Server] -d [My Database] -i "%%x" >> Log.txt

%%x is a variable for the current file. (*.sql) is what selects the files in the folder. Everything after the Do is what is executed for every file.

Note: scripts will execute in alphabetical order. As a bonus the script logs the output to Log.txt

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