Visual Studio Hanging

Do get lots of hangs in Visual Studio where the window fails to redraw when scrolling, some windows don’t paint – and then VS finally hangs. It appears this is because you are hitting the default 10,000 GDI object per process limit. This seems to happen to me quiet often when viewing xaml files (in vs2008).

You can see the GDI Object count in Process Explorer or if Task Manager - by clicking on the view -> select columns menu and ticking GDI Objects.

You can't fix this as far as I know but you can delay the inevitable by increasing the limit.

See this link for information on how to change the GDIProcessHandleQuota limit in the registry:

I set the limit to 15,000 on my windows 7 64 bit desktop with 4 gig of ram and haven't had any issues.

For more detailed information on GDI Objects see this page:

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